About Us

Boise Cylinder Head Services Inc.

        Has been around for a long time. We have continued to provide quality repairs for the treasure valley and the surrounding areas Since the early 70’s. We hope to continue that with the hopes that are customers will spread the word as we grow and expanded. Word of mouth has been a big influence on are success, thanks to all the great customers we have helped time and time again.

We always strive for customer satisfaction and a lot of the time that means putting in the time to make sure they understand what we have to offer and why they need our services. We specialize in cylinder head repair which over the years has giving us the knowledge to recommend and provide the services that will give are customers the best repairs around.

We want to give a special thanks to all the individuals that have brought their projects down to the dealerships and shops that have been working with us for years we appreciate your loyalty and support over the years and hope to continue working together for years to come.